Why I Love Norway


It is always great to get away to Norway there is so much there that I love and it truly keeps me coming back year after year. Here are some of the reasons that I am going back this year, next year and the year after.


Skiing is a way of life for Scandinavian people and Norway is no exception to this. In fact the first stable ski binding came from the Norwegian Sondre Norheim and this had a huge impact on skiing in the modern age.. There are many ski resorts in Norway and it is a great place to get out on the slopes, or even some more relaxed cross country skiing (another great Scandinavian past time).

The natural beauty

Norway is probably the most beautiful country on earth and it isn’t hard to see why. The place has more natural beauty than you could ever imagine. Think of all the  mountains, cliffs, rivers, forests and fjords that you have ever seen and multiply that by ten and you have Norway. No words can describe just how beautiful it actually is, but here are some of my favourite places to visit:

  • Preikestolen – This is a huge rock that is about 500 metres above the fjord below and it really is a surreal experience to be so close to the edge of such a drop. Drop a stone off and you will need to wait seconds before it hits the fjord. This is an incredible natural wonder that shows you just how powerful and beautiful nature is.
  • Kjeragbolten – This world famous round boulder is sandwiched between the cliff faces and has a huge vertical drop underneath it. It looks as though it could fall at any moment, but not to worry, it is quite stable. This is a stunning place
  • Trolltunga – this literally translates to “troll’s tongue” in Norwegian and this tongue shaped rock juts out above the fjord and overlooks some supreme views that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else in the world

The cities

Aside from the great outdoor activities and natural beauty of Norway the cities are also another talking point for me. Oslo is a great cultural hub and a very beautiful city, especially with its dedication to the arts with the opera house, various art museums and the extremely eye catching museum of modern art. Bergen is also another very beautiful but more traditional city, with its coloured houses and charming seaside location. I would highly recommend visiting a few different cities in Norway, because they are all quite beautiful!