What to do at Disney World Orlando


Every child knows at least one Disney character and dreams of going to Disney World at some point. Disney World is home of attractions that can truly be like a dream coming true for a child or even an adult, this truly is a special place that everyone should visit at some point in their life. So buy your Orlando park tickets online and let me show you some special things that I love about visiting Disney World.


Disney World’s resorts are home to a startling number of pools that are perfect to beat the Orlando heat and humidity. Swimming is personally one of my favourite activities, and so of course I wanted to add a section about the great pools to this blog. I can’t name all of them so I am going to focus on my favourite, Stormalong Bay. This is located at Beach Club Resort and is more like a small waterpark than a simple pool. The pool in itself is unique because it has a sand bottom and has more of a beach feel than a traditional swimming pool. The waterslide is my favourite thing there and it even looks like a ships mast that has fallen down!

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is possibly my favourite ride at Disney World and is unique as it is an indoor, eight person rollercoaster, which makes it amazing as it is pitch black the entire ride with only tiny glimmers of stars visible. Space mountain follows an unpredictable zig zag and produces some spectacular drops that any rollercoaster enthusiast will appreciate. Space Mountain’s concept has been around since the 50’s and actually features in all of the Disney theme parks across the world. If Space Mountain doesn’t sound like your thing, there are also other great rollercoasters to jump onto at Disney World. Another favourite of mine is the Tower of Terror.

Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the second largest theme park in the world and covers a huge 500 acres in total. The park advocates animal conservation and this was one of the philosophies of Walt Disney himself. It is split up into several sections such as the Oasis, which is home to various animals such as African spoonbills, military macaws and Puna teals, to name a few. There are also other great areas of the park that I love, such as Asia and Africa, which house animals and cultural items from each region. Animal Kingdom is well known for its distinctive tree of life logo, that like many Disney logos, has been created in real life. The actual tree of life in the park is a 44 metre tall artificial tree that is truly a wonder to marvel at.