Top Tips For Selling Online

I have been selling online for over a decade now, I was first introduced to it by Paul Hurdsfield. He taught me everything I needed to know about buying and selling online. Back then when I first got started there weren’t as many people as there are today selling, now it is extremely competitive so you need to be well prepared before you start.

There are so many opportunities to make money by selling online, I think it is something we should all consider. That is certainly the case if you want to work from home and need to choose your own working hours.

Here are the great tips Paul Hurdsfield gave me before I started, I can confirm that they are tired and tested – you should all follow them to get your online selling journey off to the best start.

Work Out The Value

I don’t mean what is the price you’re going to be selling the product for, you need to establish just why the consumer needs your item. Workout the answer so that you’re in a position to communicate that with the consumer. You could have the best item in the world, but if you’re not able to show the need that it fulfils it won’t be successful, it could be fashion, fun, comfort, function or all of the above.

Make Them Want It

So you’ve completed step 1, the customers no they need your item. The big question is, do they want that item more than the cash in their wallet? The next step is to convince the consumer that what you’re offering is more valuable to them than the hard earned cash in their pocket. The best way to set your pricing is to see what the market is doing, that is a clear indication of what people are paying. So find that price and put it out there for people to buy.

Put A Limit

So we’ve got a product that consumers need, it is at a price they are happy with – but why should they buy your item right now? You need to create some urgency so consumers don’t have time to think about it, that will only lead them to think of reasons they don’t need your item. So either have 24 hour sales or tell consumers that you’re down to the last 50 items!