Ten of the Most Relaxing Hotels in Italy

Holidaymakers in Italy have the advantage of a wide ranch of styles that their vacations can take. Whether its beachfront bliss on Mediterranean waters, or sublime vistas in the jaw-dropping Alps, luxury vacations can take you to diverse resorts all over the country. If you’re finding yourself in one of these places, it’s likely that your ultimate goal is to relax and de-stress. Here are ten of the best places to do so:

Atlantic Palace Hotel

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 1

Located near the beach in beautiful Sorrento, this resort makes a great base for exploring the peninsula, which is a part of the famous Neapolitan Riviera. The Atlantic Palace Hotel rooftop terrace has great views, and the friendly staff can arrange cooking, diving, and snorkeling courses on request. There is live piano music and weekly gala dinners that are a highlight of most guests’ stays. It’s definitely a place to check into and let all your needs be taken care of while you wind down.

Hotel Caravel

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 2

Italians are famous for their hospitality, and the best way to experience this in style is to find accommodation that is family-run and bridges the sometimes harsh gap between paying guests and salaried employees. Hotel Caravel, also in Sorrento, is an excellent example of this sort of friendly and authentic atmosphere. Located in a residential neighborhood, it gives guests the opportunity to explore the real life of the town around them, and makes a very comfortable temporary home.

Hotel D’Annunzio

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 3

Another family-run gem, Hotel D’Annunzio combines a great location in picturesque Lido di Jesolo with a helpful staff and solid amenities. Located just 70 meters from the ocean, it is in a perfect spot for wandering on the promenade or sunbathing the days away. You can even rent bicycles from the owners and explore town on your own, which is an excellent way to sample the sights, smells, and tastes of a real Italian town.

Delfino Hotel

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 4

Designed for discerning adults, this luxurious property overlooks the sea from a great cliffside location and has its own private cove for swimming and relaxing. The Delfino Hotel also features an open-air bar with some of the best sunset views imaginable, as well as great local food, live music, and the usual resort amenities. As the resort is located on a ridge surrounded by a pleasant pine forest, you will definitely feel hidden away in a personal paradise.

Hotel Grazia Terme

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 5

Welcome to Ischia! With an amazing view over the Neapolitan Riviera and the gorgeously lush Epomeo, you may have found the most relaxing spot in all of Italy. Ischia is famous for its thermal pools, which make it the perfect place for a spa holiday. Enjoy massage, mud baths, a Turkish hammam, and lounging in the hot-spring fed swimming pool. Folk music and local specialty dishes are on offer at Hotel Grazia Terme in the evenings, giving you a taste for culture while you spend your days in bliss.

Antico Borgo

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 6

Lake Garda, in northern Italy, is one of the country’s top spots for domestic holidaymakers. Do like the Italians do and stay at Antico Borgo, set right in old town Riva and enjoying expansive views of the surrounding mountains and the traditional terracotta rooftops. Enjoy modern comforts and small-town hospitality (Riva is only home to about 15,000 people) as you take in the sights and find the best local restaurants and wineries located throughout the cobblestone backstreets.

Grand Hotel de la Ville

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 7

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, the Grand Hotel de la Ville is most renowned for two things: its staff and food. Both are excellent, and many guests return annually or as often as they can as a result. Being in Italy, it makes sense that hospitality and cuisine are both so important at this establishment, but you should really prepare to be blown away. Of course, the rest of the services are fantastic as well, from the private bathing platforms to the live music offered regularly throughout the year.

Grand Hotel Europa Palace

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 8

With a clifftop location that frames a perfect view of Mount Vesuvius, the Grand Hotel Europa Palace offers decadent accommodation and services with a traditional feeling and style. The original hotel building dates back to the 19th century, but feels light and airy even amidst that much history. Enjoy a private pier, international restaurants, and a pool located right on the cliff. Live music and other shows are common during the summer months, giving the place a sophisticated atmosphere.

Excelsior Bay Hotel

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 9

Another great option on the shores of Lake Garda, the Excelsior Bay Hotel is home to some of the most beautiful views in northern Italy. Repeat visitors are common here, as the hotel has outstanding service and food. This is particularly true during the weekly gala dinners and frequent live music performances. Staying here is supremely relaxing, and you will never regret the decision.

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

Ten Relaxing Hotels in Italy 10

Italians love their clifftop hotels. Perhaps the most impressive one on this list is the Grand Hotel Abasciatori, located far up above the cerulean Mediterranean waters near Sorrento’s center. This exclusive hotel has an elevator down to its private bathing platform, and boasts high standards of comfort and cuisine. Try the poolside grill restaurant for especially good lunches, and ask about the gala buffets and live music nights.

Italy is a destination full of romance and fun, and luxury holidays there can be some of the most rewarding. Staying at any of the places on this list will open up entirely new doors of relaxation. What are you waiting for?