Tablescape Your Holiday Table with Silver Place Settings

The holidays are around the proverbial corner. If you are like many people, before too long you will begin stewing about entertaining for the holidays. Whether it be for family or friends or both, you may end up planning a holiday dinner of two.

If that is the case, you don’t want to wait to the last minute to start thinking of tablescape ideas. When it comes to the winter holiday season, whether you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or New Year’s Eve or the day itself, think silver. And that includes silver place settings as part of your tablescape.

Family Heirloom Silver Place Settings

Many people have in their homes family heirloom silver place settings. Over the course of a number of generations, couples who wed oftentimes received silver place settings as gifts. Indeed, until perhaps the last couple of decades, this was a must when it comes to wedding registries.

This has changed somewhat in recent years. In other words, couples that wed do not always seek out, not necessarily get, silver place settings for wedding gifts. With that said, because this was a customary practice for so long, there remains a good amount of silver place settings passing from generation to generation.

Family heirloom silver place settings are marvelous alternatives to seasonal tablescapes in the wintertime. They are particularly lovely if you will be hosting a holiday dinner that will include members of your extended family.

Vintage Silver Place Settings

Although not family heirlooms, vintage silver place settings are another top choice if you want an elegant, timeless holiday tablescape. If you don’t have vintage silver place settings at hand, you will find that they are not that difficult to locate. They are sold through many different antique shops across the country. Moreover, they readily are sold on the internet.

Contemporary Silver Place Settings

You absolutely do not need to go the heirloom or vintage route when it comes to silver place settings for holiday dining in your home. If you are like many people, you have reached a point in your own life that you want to establish your own holiday traditions. If that is the case, you might want to leave your imprint on your tablescape through and through.

Stores and shops of different types sell contemporarily designed silver place settings. Indeed, these types of place settings come in a wide range of different designs. You undoubtedly will be able to find something that catches your attention when it comes to contemporary silver place settings.

Silver and Gold: Christmas

Pairing silver place settings on you tablescape with different colors can be an enjoyable task. In the final analysis, you have a great deal of liberty when it comes to other colors used in a tablescape. A great deal compliments and harmonizes with silver.

Silver and gold represent an ideal combination if you intend to host a Christmas dinner. This brings to mind that fact that you do not need to be a metal purist when you tablescape. You can venture forth and blend silver table settings with gold accoutrements of different types.

Silver and Blue: Chanukah

Silver and blue is an ideal combination for Chanukah. You can accentuate silver place settings with a blue table cloth or runner. You can select a silver menorah that is complimented with dashes of blue.

Silver, Red, and Black: Kwanza

Kwanza actually calls for red, green, and black. Green is omitted from the discussion for a moment, but returns in just a bit as far as a more universal addition to all wintertime holiday tablescapes.

When it comes to Kwanza, you can incorporate silver place settings into other table pieces that are drawn from the history of the holiday and Africa. There are table clothes and runners on the market that incorporate all three colors associated with the holiday.

Silver and White: New Year’s

There is something fresh and new about white. You can keep your tablescape amazingly simply for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, no matter when and how you may want to celebrate.

One suggestion is to add tiny white holiday lights to the tablescape. That will add an extra vibrancy to a New Year’s tablescape that features silver and white.

Silver and Evergreen Everywhere

Finally, no matter the holiday you celebrate, you can include lush evergreen with any tablescape. The look and smell of evergreen will fully bring your guests around to the holiday season, even if the weather outside is frightful.

Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s silver Christmas ornaments.