Smart Tips for Traveling in New Zealand

Are you an adventure-lover at heart? Does the idea of rock climbing, sky diving or exploring caves get your adrenaline going? Do you love camping out under the stars, with nothing around you but lush wilderness? A trip to New Zealand might be for you. This country is filled with some of the most amazing natural scenery and landscapes that you could possibly imagine, and it’s waiting for you to explore. But before you hit the road, consider some of these travel tips to make your trip to New Zealand go as smoothly as possible:



Hostels are a good way to stay in New Zealand, as you can find rooms for around $20 per night. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel over a hostel, expect to pay upwards of $50 per night. Or you can opt for holiday houses for an even more homey experience. If you’d really like to save money on accommodation, check out the many campsites available throughout the country. You can stay for a much cheaper price, around $8 per night, and really experience the feeling of the wilderness in New Zealand- which is part of the reason you came anyway, right?!


Eating out at restaurants can really add up in New Zealand, so it’s best to either cook or find cheap meals to-go such as at food stalls or small cafes. If you opt to camp or caravan, it’s easy to stop and cook along the way using equipment you bring with you. In a hostel or hotel, grab some food at the local market to make some staples in the kitchen. For those times when you do want to go out, the local specialties of New Zealand include roast lamb and fish n’ chips!



Transport is all-important in New Zealand, because you’ll really want to visit a lot of the country rather than just stay in one or two spots. New Zealand caravan rentals are a smart pick for nature-lovers because you can stay wherever you like when traveling. No hostels out near the waterfalls you’ve been exploring? No problem! Your caravan is all set up to accommodate you. Or you can hire a car for independent travel without the commitment and price of a caravan. Auckland Car Hire is one great example of a company that will provide you a full scale of options for your car rental needs.

Volunteer Travel

If you’re really into saving money and making great connections along your travels, consider a volunteer work-share program such as WWOOF or Workaway in New Zealand. You can stay with a host and receive free food and accommodation in exchange for a predetermined amount of work per week. Whether you’d like to work on a farm, in a hostel or au pair for a family, you can find the type of work that’s best for you and see New Zealand from a local perspective.