Reasons to Fall in Love With Cornwall 

Living in the UK it can be very easy to overlook the amazing holiday destinations which we have in favor of sunnier or foreign climbs. The truth is however that here on our little isle we have a huge amount of great holiday destinations and my favorite beyond a doubt is Cornwall. My family and I have always loved taking camping holidays in Cornwall and we will be going again at the end of this month. There is so much to love about this county and if you go then I am sure that you will feel the same, here were the things that made me really fall for this place. 


There is a very different way of life in Cornwall than in the majority of the UK, everything is a little slower here and the locals really lay high importance on the little things in life. It is in fact for this reason why so many people choose Cornwall as a prefect place for their retirement. Since our very first holiday here we have been warmly welcomed by the locals and shown how they do things differently down here. 


Many UK destinations have glorious beaches but sadly they never have the sunshine to back it up. In fact I was in Northumberland just last month and I am sure that if the north east got some good weather, that people would flock from all over to visit those beautiful beaches. Here in Cornwall however, at least during the summer months, the weather is perfect for stripping down to your swimming costume and laying on the beach all day. We alway ensure that we spend at least 2 or 3 days of our trip down on one of the many beaches Cornwall has to offer. 


Something which has always swept me away about Cornwall is the natural beauty which it possesses and for me there is no better way to see this than walking. There are many different walks which you can look at, some will take you across the coastline, on top of the cliffs and give you the most incredible vistas across the sea, others will whisk you through dense forests, leaving you with so much to discover. It may not sound the most exciting but if you take a walk through one of the Cornish trails, you are certainly going to fall in love with what you see. 


There are 3 types of food which I cannot wait to enjoy when I get to Cornwall, the first is fish and seafood, caught fresh just off the coast and by the time you eat it the fish will have only just left the sea. The second food is the world famous Cornish pasty, which of course tastes better here than anywhere else that you try it, and the third is clotted cream, best served on a scone with cream tea. each British region has its own speciality and these are certainly the foods which Cornwall does best.