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Manual Antonio is one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica. Less well known than Tamarindo or Jaco, Manual Antonio is often called Costa Rica’s hidden gem. Congratulations on finding this hidden treasure. Now that you have booked your Manual Antonio beach rental, you need to make the most of it. Below we discuss the top five activities in an around Manual Antonio.


1. White Water Rafting. The Naranjo river drops steeply from the mountains above Quepos providing class III and IV rapids for an adrenaline filled ride through the tropical rain forest. Part ecological tour and part jungle rollercoaster, rafting the Naranjo is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Be sure to book with a reputable tour company as they will provide first class safety equipment and a rescue kayak that will follow your group. It is a great way to experience the thrill of rafting in a fun and safe environment. Bring a change of clothes as you will get wet.


2. Surf Lesson. Costa Rica is justifiably famous for its waves. Located near the equator it is perfectly situated to receive swells from both polls. Environmental conditions that provide year round offshore winds ensure clean conditions. While all of the above are important for the avid surfer, for the first time student it’s the warm blue water that is most appealing. Forget the wetsuit, sunscreen is the only protection you will need. There are several companies that offer surf lessons inside Manual Antonio national park. The park’s beaches are more protected from the ocean open swells that expert surfers crave. Your instructors will put you in the perfect position to catch your first wave. Don’t blame us if you become addicted.


3. Cloud Forest Tour. A cloud forest is a region of high altitude rain forest where the rich soil and abundant flora serve as the conduit of life giving moisture to the jungle biosphere below. They are characterized by nearly year round cloud cover often at canopy level. The cloud forests at Monte Verde and Santa Elena are some of the best in the world. The tour will include a hike over rain forest trails as well as footbridges constructed in the canopy. The local guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will help you discover the most from this magical place.


4. Mountain Bike Tour. In the saddle of a mountain bike is a great way to explore the beauty of the Manual Antonio national park as well as the surrounding area. You an take a more traditional tour where a local instructor will guide you through established trails. It is great exercise and a fun way to get up close with the exotic creatures of the park. For the more adventurist cycler, there are local mountain bike enthusiasts who will create a personalized tour based on the ability and desires of your group. This isn’t so much a tour as a ride with local cyclists who are passionate about riding. As with the traditional tours you will get a workout and you just might make some new friends.

Manual Antonio Beachfront Rental

5. In-House Spa/Yoga Treatment. One of the great aspects of the Manual Antonio area is that it attracts a diverse group of free thinkers. The possibilities range from traditional luxury spas to traveling holistic healers. Take advantage of the privacy and comfort of your Manual Antonio beach rental to order an in-house spa/yoga/reiki treatment. The therapist/teacher will arrive at your home and provide the treatment often at the same cost as traveling to a spa. It is a fun way to try something new while taking advantage of your beautiful beachfront vacation home.

You are going to have a great time while in Manual Antonio. Try some of the above listed activities to get the most out of this tropical paradise.

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