Liking Luton!

I’ve flown from many of the UK’s airports, and it’s through this I’ve developed a

love of some, and a sheer hate of others. Take for example my very bad

experience at Leeds Bradford Airport. It’s not really the airport’s fault, and had I

meant to have flown from there, I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the whole experience,

but I was shipped over from Manchester on a coach, with about half an hour to

spare, so the whole day was so stressful, and it’s marred my opinion of the place.

Now Luton, that’s an airport I like.

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The first time I flew from Luton, it was a freezing cold winter’s day and I was

heading off on a city break to Istanbul. I’d never flown from a London airport

before, so I was a little nervous of the size, but Luton is reassuringly small,

without being uneventful. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a Krispy Kreme

doughnut shop too.


I combined my flight with Luton Airport parking, meaning I drove myself down at

my own leisure, and the whole experience was laid-back and quite chilled out.

Chilled out is not generally a phrase that goes with me and travel, so that speaks

volume. The price was fantastically low, and my holiday began in the most

relaxed of manners.


This is a service available at most large airports nationwide, so wherever you’re

flying from, you won’t miss out. I always book my Newcastle airport parking with BCP,

as I always find a fantastic deal. Money saved means more to spend at duty

free, and at Krispy Kreme in my case!


Luton is where many short-haul European flights head from, and you’ll find many

great value deals too. My flight was with Easy Jet, and the low cost meant I could

really enjoy myself once I got to Istanbul. I certainly made the most of duty free,

and I treated myself to a cheap Pandora charm or two! With plenty of

restaurants, cafes and bars to waste away the time between check in and

departure, nobody will get bored, and as before, the size of the airport isn’t

overwhelming, so it’s great for a first-time flyer or a family holiday. You will often

find groups travelling from Luton, as there are lots of cheap flights to places

you’d probably expect stag and hen parties to be heading, such as Prague, so be

aware of that.


For me, Luton was a good choice of low key airport, but still retaining that

pre-holiday excitement. Airports are like clothes in a way, some fit and some

don’t, but for facilities and services, Luton is a winner for me.