Let’s Shake off those Winter Blues and Take a Winter Cruise

cruise ship

Why take a Winter Cruise?

Perhaps one of the most important reasons people opt for a winter cruise is because of the financial gain this time of year. Booking a winter cruise is just a fraction of the busy summer and fall months, check out Bolsover Cruise Club. There will also be less crowds cramping the floating holiday space which is another big bonus for setting sail during the winter months. There is a holiday rule of thumb which is; when school is in crowding is out.

The Pluses of a Winter Cruise

  • Because there will be fewer passengers on board it will be much easier to grab that poolside seat or get a table at a favourite restaurant.
  • Winter cruises are offered for as low as one third of the fare during summer and high season.
  • It is a more mellow time to travel what with the children all at school including students. This brings the volume levels way down to start with and usually means a more mature and easy going clientele on board.
  • As well as there being less people on board the same applies to ports of call. This makes it much more enjoyable to explore quaint towns and cities without the throngs vying for space. The same applies to vacated beaches at this time of year.
  • The Caribbean Islands are very enjoyable to visit during winter months and another big bonus is that there are no hurricanes or weather drama to worry about at this time of year as hurricane season typically runs from June to November. Now that is a big reason.

Here are Three of the Best Winter Cruises

  1. Why not spend five days in the British Virgin Islands. This trip comes highly recommended and takes in a round trip from St Maarten and includes the islands of St Barts and St Kitts. There are kayaking and snorkelling expeditions which makes for a lovely treat in the depths of winter.
  2. Hitting Havana on a Cuba cruise should help throw off the winter chills. A cruise around the 750-mile island allows cruisers to enjoy the country from the comfort of their decks.
  3. A trans-Atlantic crossing in November from Southampton to New Jersey is a fantastic pre-Christmas cruise. After just 8 luxury days of cruising, passengers are able to enjoy some serious shopping in Manhattan to gather those much sought after gifts for the festive season.