Last minute holidays and money-saving booking tips

When taking a holiday means paying for flights, accommodation, entertainment and food for at least three people, finding any way to keep costs down becomes a matter of great importance. We’ve all heard that booking last minute holidays with providers like Teletext Holidays could save you money, and savings sites such as MoneySavingExpert recommend this approach, but why? And what else can you do to drive down the amount you need to shell out? We take a look in this handy guide.



The reason to book your holiday at the last minute

By leaving it until the last minute to book your holiday, you are taking advantage of the panic that has set in for tour operators. They have chartered airplanes and reserved rooms in hotels and now they are starting to worry they’re not going to be able to sell them. As such, they drop the price of the holiday to ensure they don’t lose out completely – and you enjoy a cheaper deal.


Potential setbacks of waiting until the last minute to book

If you’re not completely flexible, this may be a risky option because your choice of hotels, facilities and dates is likely to be limited. However, if you’re happy to let your holiday be decided by what’s available – something that’ll appeal to the more adventurous, indecisive and fate-trusting of us – it’s a great way to save.


Other ways to save


The best type of holiday to go for

If you want to hit a popular holiday location for seven, ten or 14 days, a package holiday will normally work out cheaper. However, if you want to head to a less-visited location, for another length of time, MoneySavingExpert recommends you put your own flights and accommodation package together with a DIY trip.


Protect what you spend out now so you don’t lose out later

Make sure your holiday is ATOL protected. This will mean that if your travel company stops operating, you’ll get your money back. In the olden days (pre-April 2012) ATOL protection was only given to package holidays, but now it can cover flights, accommodation and even car hire in some cases – find out more here.


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