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Traveling can be stressful. Travelling as a family to a foreign destination can be even more stressful. Time constraints, extra expenses and loss of your routine all add stress compared to your normal daily life. Once you arrive at your destination the stress can continue as you lose personal space while staying in a hotel. A great way to combat travel stress on your next Costa Rican vacation is to book a Tamarindo vacation rental. Below we discuss five reasons why renting a vacation home will help reduce travel stress and is an excellent choice for families:

Savings. One of the biggest obstacles to a family vacation is the cost. Airfare, lodging and food all cost more as a group. What’s a family to do? Turn your numbers into an advantage. A family will often need more than one hotel room. A Tamarindo vacation rental will often be less expensive. While one-bedroom vacation rentals are often the same price as a hotel room, two and three bedroom homes often rent for just a little bit more than a one bedroom. You can use the savings to upgrade to more luxury accommodation, take a local excursion or simply spend less on your vacation.

Kitchen. While most people do not want to cook while on vacation, they do like the option to eat some meals in. Eating out every meal quickly adds up, especially for families. In addition, many families find it challenging to eat healthy while staying in a hotel. A family vacation home with a fully equipped kitchen allows you the freedom to eat when and what you want while saving you money. Whether it is choosing to eat breakfast in on days that you have an early excursion or simply having something in the refrigerator to snack on after dinner, a full size refrigerator, microwave to heat or reheat food and metal utensils will make you feel at home away from home.

Comfort. Any way you look at it, squeezing a family used to a private home into two hotel rooms is stressful. The lack of privacy, coupled with a lack of space, have most families longing for home after a few days. A Tamarindo vacation rental will have room for everyone. Even if families share rooms, there is a living room, balcony, dining room plus pool area to spread out. Families usually appreciate the extra bathrooms as well.

In House Spa Treatments. Most visitors to Tamarindo rave about the quality of the spas. Not only are there spa treatments from your head to your toes, but the cost is quite reasonable compared to the U.S. and Europe. Most spas will send a therapist to your Tamarindo vacation rental for the same price as an in spa treatment. Imagine receiving a massage poolside in the privacy of your vacation home. After the treatment, the therapist packs up her equipment and leaves you to enjoy the serenity of your vacation home without having to climb into a van to return to your hotel.

Furniture. Most families do not realize how much they miss furniture while on vacation. Whether it is a full size couch to sit on while discussing the day’s adventures or a dining room table on which to spread out a map of the area, families love the convenience of full size furniture.

While everyone normally looks forward to a family vacation, the limited space and lack for privacy can limit the enjoyment of an otherwise great trip. On your next Costa Rican adventure, consider a Tamarindo vacation rental to make sure you are not ready to leave before your vacation is over.

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