Get Your Kids Loving The Snow

When the winter school holidays come around there are plenty of families that cannot wait to spend time in the snow. The great thing about a ski holiday is that everyone in the family has the chance to enjoy themselves. It may be easy to find something for everyone to do and try, but there are always some things to keep in mind when you’re skiing with the kids.


To try and help getting your kids to love the snow, we have put together some tried and tested tips that worked for our family.

Dress Properly

You need to make sure you don’t put too many layers on and also not too few – it can make all the difference to their experience. A simple rule is that the young ones will usually wear an extra layer to the adults. So even if it’s a lovely sunny day out there on the slopes, they still need that third layer instead of the two you have on. Have a backpack on with a change of outfit to hand at all times just incase of emergencies. Kids love the snow, especially throwing themselves into it and throwing it at one another (and their unsuspecting parents!) – so extra gloves, socks and layers for under the jacket are always good to have. My kids have a habit of loosing their gloves, it’s quite the hobby for them, so now we try to only buy gloves with straps on them.

Ski School

The kids will, eventually, love ski school and think it is cool. I must admit that the first time you leave them there for class there might be a tear or two because of course it’s a little daunting when your mum and dad leave you at the bottom of a mountain with a teacher on skis! With time they will enjoy learning how to ski and they also have the opportunity to make new friends. When you’re at Mount Hotham get the kids signed up for one of the ski schools that offer both morning and full day classes – that gives you the chance to get on with the serious stuff higher up the mountain.

Snacks and Breaks

Kids use so much energy when they’re out on the snow, so it’s essential that you have breaks during the day. Have some snacks in your bag and drinks to keep them well hydrated. I know I shouldn’t say that chocolate is a good idea but I find a snack size Snickers goes along way to getting my kids the extra energy they need.

Let me know how you get on with these tips. Also, for the parents out there that have been successful in getting their kids to love the snow please do share with all of us what worked for and what you would advise to avoid. All of us parents benefit no end when we get to sharing our experiences! Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below this post. Thank you for sharing!