Enjoying Family Holidays at Home and Abroad



A family holiday is something everyone forward to. No matter where you decide to spend your holidays what matters is your family’s happiness. However, family holidays are somewhat hard to plan since you have to cater for your children (and the family pet!) with their special needs. Here are a few suggestions on where to spend your next holiday with your loved ones.


Marthinal is an outstanding five star luxurious beach resort in Sagres beach in Portugal comprises of a selection of deluxe villas, fully furnished Village Houses and high standards of services from the daily maids. If you have young children just relax and enjoy as there are child friendly facilities available on request.

The kids club keeps your children entertained and the teens are occupied with teen activities such as swimming indoors or outdoors. There is also free high quality Wi-Fi, so you don’t incur data charges if you need to keep up with work.

Its strategic location on the Western Algarve gives this hotel an incredible access to fabulous natural beauty, fine sandy beaches and the National Park, so you can enjoy outdoor activities with your family.

There are a variety of cuisines to choose from as the three restaurants offer different themes for their meals and special take- away to those living in the houses. This is one fine family resort with something for everyone.


Some destinations like Thailand are relatively cheap in terms of food and numerous fun activities which are absolutely free. The street food is not only utterly delicious but world class and varied. It is the secret behind the popular Thai cooking classes.

You can tour the city of Bangkok, relax on the beaches or visit the elegant Buddhist temples, it’s absolutely free. Your children will be thrilled by the variety of experiences, food, and culture they will experience.


A family weekend break to the Cotswolds would go a long way in making a memorable family vacation; you get to enjoy the breathtaking countryside scenery and historic villages. A wide array of self catering cabins and cottages makes it a favorable destination for families.

The Stable Lodge in Oxfordshire is a creative converted detached cabin from stables set in a remote region but well fitted with facilities like a modern kitchen and a spacious lounge. Its location gives it access to biking trails, walking paths and the Shotover Park which is ideal for family picnics.

The Tefelberg Log cabin is a family friendly riverside log cabin along the Shakespeare River Avon. It’s surrounded by tranquil meadows and only a few minutes’ walk away from the Harvington weir where one can sit and enjoy the views or paddle.


While travelling alone means just one ticket, paying for the kids feels like you have already been robbed before even your vacation has started as there are no special fares for kids. Do your research carefully and compare airline fares before any bookings are made. Be on the lookout for your chosen destination discounts, some offers go amiss and you can find great deals if you go direct to the airline website with local airlines like Jet Airways.

Keep in mind the luggage fees are high so try and reduce your baggage as much as you can. If not try using the domestic discount which may allow one or two free suitcases aboard. Choosing good accommodation can help with this as well. If you book in at a child friendly resort that provides you with cots, prams, baby bottles, and even toys, you can drastically reduce on the luggage you are carrying.