The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit


The Caribbean is a wonderful place that you really could spend a lot of time exploring, the amazing beaches, weather and people make it one of the best holiday destinations on the planet. Luxury Caribbean vacations are absolutely the best way to experience it all, so all you need to do now is to choose your island and you are good to go. Here is my guide to the best Caribbean islands that I have had the pleasure of visiting.


This to me is one of the ultimate Caribbean destinations. There are so many things to love about this place, especially the nature, beaches. Jamaica is also home of reggae and that is something that you could visit this one island for alone. The super spicy food is something I absolutely love about Jamaica, there is nothing quite like jerk chicken and spicy rice!

The Bahamas

This is one of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean and it is very easy to see why. The people for a start are happy and very relaxed and this gives a great atmosphere. The beaches and nature of the Bahamas are one of the key reasons that a huge number of people flock here. There is also a huge number of diving and snorkelling sites to enjoy too, the number one example being the huge Android Barrier Reef. Here you can see exotic fish and a kaleidoscope of coloured coral.

Dominican Republic

This large island is one of the few Caribbean islands with a hispanic culture and is well known for their warm and hospitable people. It is an interesting mix of rich culture, history and some absolutely stunning nature. This place is home to some of the best beaches in the world, along with which comes some amazing opportunities for outdoor activities. Sitting by the beach and relaxing is also another good option that you can enjoy. I personally enjoy the amazing national parks, mountain ranges, rivers and beaches that dot the island. This is one of my all time favourites for sure.

Cayman Islands

Another set of beautiful islands that is perhaps a little notorious as a tax haven, but this aside it offers some of the best diving, snorkelling and swimming on the planet. There are so many beaches and small coves to go out and explore, you can even go to some more secluded spots if that is your thing. I really enjoy going here for the amazing coastline alone, but there is also quite good for it’s culinary options. You can enjoy things like coconut, yams, rice and pears, tuna, snapper and so much more. There is also a lot of Jamaican food, as Jamaica is only a stone’s throw away. If you want to try some traditional Cayman dishes, you can try dishes made with turtle meat, conch stew or Cayman style beef. These are absolutely delicious and it is another great reason to come here.