Backpacking with kids can be a tricky situation and more so when packing equipments you will need the right equipments can either make or break your day of much anticipated fun. Carrying bulky equipment that you later find was not necessary or forgetting important equipment may make you feel like you are in a death trap.

First aid kit

It need not be detailed like the Red Cross one but it should have essentials like burn cream, sting relief, antiseptic wipes, band aid, cotton balls and so on. Do not forget to include in your kid pain relief because kids sometimes can be very unpredictable. If you are hiking in areas known for snakes, carry a snake bite kit and make sure you are well versed in using it before you set out.


Carrying a whistle is of utmost importance and before you leave your station, make sure each child has a whistle on them. In an emergency situation, the sound of a whistle will travel faster than that of you screaming. You can also use it to communicate with other back packers perhaps in situations where one has fallen way behind or much ahead of the others.


This is crucial because it is going to be your only home while on the trail. Some adults may opt to do without a tent but when backpacking with kids, this is a must. It should be able to fit the whole family but if you can’t afford it, at least all the kids. A good tent should weigh about 2 pounds for each person it is able to hold.

Sleeping pad

This is an absolute necessity when travelling with kids. It is a pad that goes between the floor of the tent and your sleeping bag. The kids will be more comfortable because it will keep them warm and dry and also absorb the bumps below the tent. A closed cell foam pad that costs about $10 will do the job.

A stove and cookware

Unless you plan to have candy for dinner, you will need to spruce up a meal or two. When camping with kids try and make a delicious meal because if they don’t like the food, they will most likely detest the entire backpacking experience. There are many types of backpacking stoves and you will have to choose one that fits your needs. For the cookware avoid cheap kits unless want to cook boiled water only. You will also need a skillet if you plan to fry things like pancakes and eggs.