There is nothing as challenging as taking a long flight with kids and manage to maintain their composure. As usual it is like kids always wait for this chance to drag their parents through an unnecessarily long walk of shame as other passengers watch in dismay. As if  prolonging  the show  isn’t good  enough the kids  performance  for the passengers does not end without the usual screaming, kicking of legs and  finally climaxing in a fighting of who gets the seat close to the window. There are, however, airlines that have gone out of their way to make the life of a parent free from worries. At least till you get off the flight.

Gulf air

Have you ever reached the airport and wondered why you didn’t tag your nanny along? Just your luck then because this airline has nannies specifically trained for this job. They will keep your children busy by entertaining them, they will give them snacks during movies, do puzzles, set up your bassinet if you have a little baby, and make sure the kids have had their meals. They have an in-flight entertainment system that will ensure the kids have their hands full. This includes Disney movies and an educational audio channel. To avoid long queues, gulf air has introduced family check-out counters where you can access priority check in, baggage claim and boarding. This airline which has flights to countries throughout Africa, Middle East and Europe has its main hub in Bahrain international airport.


Your kids will be spoilt for choice with emirates’ on board entertainment that has, just to name a few, audio stores, family movies, musicals and Disney classics. They also have interactive games that you can play with other passengers. No flight is complete without brightly colored headsets, an emirates kid’s magazine, games and coloring pencils. For kids aged 2-16 years, sky surfers, a, frequent flyer club, is a must because it offers the same benefit as its adult edition and so much more. With its hub in Dubai, it has flights to all over Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe. In the USA you can board emirates from Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Seattle and New York straight to Dubai.

Virgin Atlantic

The experience the kids will get here is definitely first class regardless of what you paid for. What with each kid getting their own amenity kit .inside you will find toys, books sunglasses and digital watches. It is amazing that they have child-size silverware to serve your kids’ meals and the menu is child friendly i.e. pizza, chocolate chicken fingers, vegetables, fruits and cheese. For the tiny ones, there are cots, diapers, bottles, baby food and changing facilities. Based at Manchester and London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airport, the airline flies to New York, Boston, Miami, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and other cities in Asia and Africa.