Winter Family Holidays

Are you planning your family’s winter getaway? Whether you’re looking to escape the cold dark days or try out some winter sports, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top picks for family holidays this winter.

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Hawaii, USA


Fresh air, sand, sun and surf – what’s not to love. Hawaii not only offers plenty of natural beauty and ample outdoor opportunities, it also sees gorgeous weather all year round. You can hike, swim, kayak, water-ski and even explore the slopes of active volcanoes. Afterward, take in the sunshine on Waikiki Beach and think of all your friends back home slogging through the snow.


Canmore, Alberta, Canada


On the other hand, if you’re looking to enjoy a winter wonderland, this small town in northern Canada offers a quiet wintery retreat not far from the world-famous Banff National Park, where you can ski, snowboard, snowshoe and generally enjoy the snow. The town itself is also cute and has plenty of family-friendly hotels and shops.


San Jose, Costa Rica


Another tropical destination that will most likely appeal to those seeking a bit of sun, Costa Rica has it all when it comes to adventure tourism. You can try your hand at everything from jungle-trekking to surfing to zip-lining, while admiring the incredible scenery and wildlife. Plus, the country has made incredible efforts to promote environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourism, and therefore can be a great place to teach your children about environmental mindfulness and sustainability.


Stowe, Vermont, USA


This small town in southern Vermont is where the von Trapp family of the famous film The Sound of Music ended up after they fled Austria. Your children will no doubt love to visit the family’s home, as well as take part in all of the winter sports the area offers, including cross-country and downhill skiing, ice-skating and sledding. There is even a service that offers old-fashioned sleigh rides.


Zermatt, Switzerland


The quintessential winter-destination, this small Swiss village offers everything you could want from chalet life. You can ski and snowboard through some of the most gorgeous scenery the Alps have to offer. At the end of a long day on the slopes, relax by the fire with a glass of Swiss wine or try a traditional apres-ski spa treatment. Just be prepared to leave your car at the village limits, as the area maintains a strict no-car policy on its picturesque narrow streets.


These are just a few of the lovely vacation spots you can explore with your family this winter. There are countless other options, some of which may even be just around the corner from your own backyard. Just spend some time looking for the right holiday for your family’s tastes and you can’t go wrong for this winter’s family getaway.