Why Cruises are Excellent for Families

Planning a holiday for the family can sometimes be a nightmare with factoring everyone’s needs, especially if you have children of different ages. A cruise is a great way of providing a holiday that can be enjoyed by the whole family as depending on the cruise you choose, there is usually something for everyone, so everyone walks away happy. Here are 5 reasons why cruises are an excellent holiday option for families.

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A cruise is usually all inclusive which means that you have everything about the holiday included in the one price. For non-cruise holidays you will have to organise and plan enough money for all aspects of the holiday including food, accommodation, travel, activities etc, but with a cruise it is all included, so you know that it is not going to blow out to a cost that you cannot afford.

Activities for the Whole Family

Whether you have small children, teenagers, or adult children, a cruise is a great holiday choice for the whole family because most cruises cater to everyone. They provide trained staff to run a kids activity program, there are often movies and things for older children and adults seem to enjoy the opportunity to relax and take in some sun. With a cruise you will find that everyone’s needs are met and that no-one is getting bored or complaining about the holiday because there is something for everyone!


Not only is a cruise a fun experience for the whole family but it can be quite educational as well. While on a cruise there is an opportunity to see parts of the world that you may not ever have the opportunity to see any other way. Depending on the cruise that you choose, often they will stop at exotic locations and give the family the chance to meet people from different cultures and see how they live. You will also have the chance to tour the boat, meet the people that keep it all going and see how things work.

Family Experience

If there’s one thing that brings families together, its going on a holiday together. A cruise experience is one way to do this but with the buffer zone of having everything catered for. So you will get to enjoy the good parts, without the irritating aspects of a holiday that sometimes happen when you are travelling with family.

All Inclusive

A cruise is all inclusive, which means all the food, accommodation, travel and activities, so for those of us who are time poor, we only need to research the one place. Most other holidays will require a lot of organisation with different companies, so there is more chance of something going pear shaped. With large families, with lots of people of different ages, often getting everything organised to suit everyone is somewhat of a nightmare, but with a cruise, it’s all done for you! Cruiseabout Australia has some awesome different family cruise packages available so you won’t have to think about much except packing and getting the family onto the boat!

By Natalie Brown