Why an all inclusive holiday is perfect for families

Thinking about taking the kids away this summer but want to do so on a budget? An all inclusive holiday could be right up your street.

With living costs putting pressure on family finances, finding a deal that gives you one set price to pay for everything you need on a sun-soaked getaway can be ideal.

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But what exactly does a cheap all inclusive holiday comprise? Read on to find out and click here for more details on how to book your summer getaway.


Generally speaking, an all inclusive getaway covers your accommodation and at least two main meals a day – if not all your gastronomic needs. There may be stipulations, such as only being permitted to eat for free in the main buffet area, so if your hotel has a separate restaurant offering an a la carte menu you might have to pay extra to dine there.

Having said that, the all inclusive options offer decent value for money, particularly if families have fussy children. Although the kitchen might not be willing to knock up an entirely separate banquet for stubborn youngsters, the chefs are happy to help make their guests satisfied with the service, so do speak to your hotel if you or any member of your family have any dietary requirements.


Unless you strike gold with your all inclusive deal, you will probably have to pay extra for alcoholic beverages, although some hotels offer local tipples under their food and board fees. In that case you can enjoy sipping a chilled beer or fragrant glass of wine produced in your holiday destination without having to rack up a huge bar tab. Soft drinks are provided with meals and hot drinks can usually be made in your own hotel room.


Along with the usual swimming pool and games rooms offerings most hotels boast, all inclusive guests have access to kids’ clubs and other facilities. If your accommodation has a children’s entertainment club, do take full advantage of it – an experienced leader will take your little ones off for a couple of hours every day to do arts and crafts, and play and compete in sports while you work on your tan and catch up on your holiday reading.

You might also find your hotel has a babysitting service, where qualified nannies will supervise your offspring for an evening in your room. It can be a godsend for harassed parents who want a bit of quality time on their own. However, if you are bringing very young children with you, most hotels will charge extra for looking after them because of the higher staff-to-child ratio required to care for under-fours.


Depending on where you stay, there may be plenty to do outside the boundaries of your hotel. Whether that is daytrips to out-of-town historical attractions or watersports down at the beach, check with your holiday operator to see if you will need to pay extra to take part.

Some hotels will have their own (or an associated) minibus fleets to take you to the nearest major town for a few hours of browsing the shops, but again, you may have to pay a fee for the privilege of being chauffeured around for the day.