Why All-Inclusive could be the Best Deal for You

As a backpacker, it is entirely possible to live off no more than the equivalent of a couple of dollars a day if you choose which countries to visit wisely.

 India, Thailand and Indonesia are all popular backpacking destinations for this very reason. A single US dollar in most parts of India will get you an all you can eat meal including rice, dal, pickles, chutney and poppadoms.

family vacation australia

In Thailand you can get a large serving of chicken and rice from a street vendor and in Indonesia a dollar will get you enough groceries to feed yourself for two days, including eggs, spinach, tomatoes, bread and bananas.

As a family there are other priorities and you often find yourself drawn towards the destinations where a dollar doesn’t stretch very far. In these cases all inclusive deals in the Virgin Holidays sale could save you a packet.

Imagine an entire holiday with the kids free from any financial restraints, where all your food and drinks are already paid for and you can indulge yourself as much as you like.

With an all-inclusive deal you get all you can eat buffets for every meal and an unlimited amount of tea, coffee, soft drinks and local alcoholic drinks without spending another penny.

In popular holiday destinations such as the US, Paris or Portugal, one dollar will get you virtually nothing. In Paris most tourist bars charge upwards of €8 for a large beer and that’s before you even think about eating.

Of course there are always cheaper restaurants and bars to be found off the beaten track wherever you go, but when you have children in tow it’s often not worth the hassle of walking the extra mile when they’re hungry and whining for dinner.

With an all-inclusive holiday you can enjoy the freedom that comes with having an inexhaustible budget for food and drink and the money you save can go towards your next holiday.