Maybe summer has finally arrived and you have decided to break the monotony of the house decided to go for camping with your family. As usual ‘’ first things first’’ and this will be choosing a camping venue that your heart’s desire, the next thing in line is to decide which tent to purchase or rent  to for that matter. Definitely  the size and cost of the  tent will differ greatly not forgetting to mention durability, for this case one needs to know a thing or two about  tents to be able to decide on which tent to use for families as tents vary greatly.

Cabin tents

These are quite large camping units as compared to the other tents and can accommodate a large family quite comfortably. More to it the tents have quite a number of rooms. Different rooms can be used for different purposes according to the families’ preference. For instance they can be divided into bedrooms with ay a room for the boys another for the girls and another for the parents. Furthermore the size of the divisions can be altered to ones liking, although you mightn’t have the luxury off a white leather bed every evening, it’s still more than good enough for a quality night’s sleep.

Apart from cabin tents typically having more rooms they are also taller. This makes it easy to move within it as the roof is high so you can comfortably stand no need to bend/crouch. This also gives it more storage space for luggage.

Dome tents

Dome tents are smaller compared to cabin tents. They are however very suitable for smaller families of about four. Usually they are single roomed  and as much as this might not be a  good thing to hear it also has the advantage of  making families  bond together, more so most people  that are out on camping often feel scared especially after the  horror stories around the campfire and nobody wants to sleep  to far from other family members.

Dome tents also have an advantage of being very easy to set up. The estimated workload for setting up the tent Is greatly reduced  it might not be necessary to have a setup manual..

Single pole tents

These tents make use of a single pole through the middle making them descendants of the traditional Indian tepee. A big advantage of this tents is that they are very easy to set up this has made them quite popular. They are typically single roomed like the dome shaped tents. And have a single entry point enhancing the security especially when out in the fields.

Tunnel tents

This are usually long tents  initially they were used for about two or even one person however of late tunnel tents have been made larger top accommodate  whole families .Tunnel  tents are  durable making them among the best tents  for families.

Now I guess you know  thing or two about camping get  out of your house and hit a camp site.

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