Visiting Middle Earth

If you’re after a fun themed holiday, New Zealand will be a great choice this winter. After the release of the first part of the Hobbit series by Peter Jackson at the end of this month, expect a mushrooming of Hobbit related activities.


From now until the foreseeable future when you land in Wellington you will be officially touching down at the Middle of Middle-Earth (I hope the PR company responsible wasn’t paid more than a fiver to come up with this title). Once in the terminal you will be greeted by a 13-metre sculpture of Gollum hunting for Fish.


The Filming locations will not be released until after the Hobbit hits the silver screens, but doubtless there are already thousands of people waiting to visit these sites. If they are anything like the locations chosen for The Lord of the Rings trilogy then expect some breath-taking scenery. What is already known is that many of the locations where the film was shot happened on Peter Jackson’s private estate.

If the Hobbit experience becomes too much for you (though I doubt it will ever be too much for your children), then there are plenty of other things to experience on this amazing island. For instance you could try sky diving over the thousand islands, scuba diving, or if you are less in need of an adrenalin rush maybe just a bit of whale watching.