Venture of the Beaten Track on Your Family Holidays


Despite Morocco’s rich diversity, hidden beauty spots, and adverse terrain waiting to be explored, many tourists stick to the more popular routes. There is still a lot of Morocco that is yet to be discovered.

Moulay Idriss is a quiet town set atop the peaceful hills set against the Zerhoune Mountains. It is the holiest town in the whole of Morocco and is named after the ProphetMohammed’s son. It is a tumble of gleaming white buildings with narrow streets filled with movements of donkeys, bread carts and bustling commercial activities. Take a hike and explore the green hills that surround this town, when you are up a hill you will enjoy spectacular aerial view of the town.

Mirleft is a beachside town only an hour away from Essaouira by bus; it set on pebbly soil just off the Atlantic Coastline. It has beautiful unspoilt sandy beaches. Enjoy sunbathing on this sun kissed sandy beaches.


Almost the whole of Armenia is off the beaten path.This country has endured a lot, from famines to civil wars, but of late, there has been peace and stability. There is a lot to savour on a holiday in Armenia, from the biblical Mount Ararat to deep gaping canyons, from picturesque landscapes to serene lakes and spectacular volcanic landscapes. You can’t afford not to explore the rich culture that Armenia has to offer.

The city of Yerevan is full of interesting contrasts: the old ruins of the Erebuni fortress dating back to the 8th century BC set against a shiny new city. With the ingenuity of the great architect Tamanyan the city has been transformed radically and yet still retaining its ancient grandeur. It is a city full of dancing fountains, green parks and excellent squares.

Mt Aragats is the highest peak of the Lesser Caucasus and is one of the largest volcanic craters on earth. The route up the mountains is full of charm, the slopes are gentle with occasional shepherds but you will only have eyes for the breathtaking views.


The largest country in the world with many feature sites on any touristic guide books, but I can assure you that you have not seen or heard it all.Holidays to Russia will enchant you and leave you forever wanting more.

Have you ever heard of the Russian version of the Dead Sea? Well Lake Baskunchak located a few miles off the town of Astrakhan is a mythical salt lake. Its name means ‘dogs head’ due to the jutting rock formations that look like dog heads. It is haunting and enchanting in equal measure, worth the trip.

Explore the Ruins of Arkaim in Siberia, also referred to as the Russian Stonehenge. These ruins are a source of many arguments about the real age of the ruins and whether it was a town or an observatory. There are also many fables surrounding this place, it is mysterious and is believed to possess mystic powers. The girls believe that you return to youth if you wash your hands and face in the Karaganka River!