Times are hard guys, there’s no denying it but that doesn’t mean you have to shirk your next trip, you just have to be smarter. Holidays have become quite expensive with the rising prices of flights. But fear not, all is not lost. A very practical option, reducing those pesky accommodation charges, is making use of timeshares in place of the expensive hotels. This is a great solution if you’re traveling in a group.

are timeshares a scam

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Talking of affordability, hotels are no match for timeshares; personally I will be open to an idea that helps me save a few bucks. So, you decide to use a timeshare for you next vacation and end up spending a fraction of what you would in a hotel, great! If you are renting for you and your wife, no problem. Got 4 kids? You can sort that out too! To top it off you get more space (timeshares are more like apartments) to yourselves, so more for less! What can beat that?

Timeshares have extra amenities that are exclusive to them. Moreover these amenities dwarf those at hotels big time, especially budget hotels. Just a little of what you should expect are: fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and entertainment spots, not to mention Jacuzzis and swimming pools, as well as kid’s programs, so the children can hit the activity room while the parents kick back with a glass of wine in the hot tub!

Timeshare amenities

Timeshares are also placed close to the activities that are available in the region. For instance, if you plan hit a beach they are just the best pick for you, because many have beach access and some even have private beaches. If you are an Orlando fanatic as so many families are, there are even timeshares in the DisneyWorld resort!

When it comes to timeshares you pay only for the exact period of time you use, but  don’t smile yet! Check this out, if you buy a timeshare unit on a points basis you can split your time and decide to come back later in the year and it won’t cost you a dime more, very enticing isn’t it? Who needs an excuse for a second holiday?

Using timeshares is the best way to lower your accommodation costs, especially for families. So instead of breaking your neck and back saving for your family’s expensive vacation, try out the cheaper and more appealing timeshares. You won’t regret it! If you’re looking for more information on this accommodation style, check out They are a timeshare resale and rental by owner site with a lot of facts about how timeshares work.

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