When travelling with young children or teenagers, you must prepare both physically and emotionally if you are hoping to have any fun. It can be very challenging and especially to those who are not familiar with it. There are a number of things one has to keep in mind and should brace themselves for the unexpected. Here are a few issues you should watch out for:

Travel tantrums

Sometimes children can make you feel like the worst parent in the world just by the tantrums they can throw especially in public. This may be just a sign of a kid who is tired, hungry, bored and in unfamiliar territories.

Try to give the kids snacks and drinks at regular intervals just to make sure they are not too hungry or thirsty. Make sure they get some sleep and keep them busy.


When far away from home it is not uncommon for kids to miss home and their friends and other family members. They might be enjoying their trip but still be crying at night when they miss their bed and home.

Bring with you lots of photos from home and try and keep in touch with the people back at home either by calling or even sending postcards.

Fear of flying

This isn’t just a problem for kids; many adults are so scared of flying. The problem however is how kids deal with it. They will cry, scream and even refuse to board the plane.

Talk to your children before the day of the trip and explain that there is nothing to fear. You can watch movies and read books showing other kids on the plane. This will help them relax.


A road trip, sailing on a cruise or boarding a plane is a definite part of any trip so it is not exactly avoidable. Children will be impatient and get bored easily especially if it is a long trip.

Carry along a bag of toys for your young ones and you can also improvise games while on your way. You may allow to teenagers to carry their tech gadgets like iPod or phones to keep busy.


Kids are known to have big appetites and lots of energy thus the need to recharge every now and then. If you a taking a plane or driving on a highway, stopping to eat may not be possible.

Make sure your kids are fed before you leave home. This doesn’t not mean, though, that you should over feed them .You will only be creating another problem. Pack snacks for each child and make sure they are reachable in the moment of need.




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