Top Attractions in Budapest

Is this your first visit to Budapest or are you looking for new activities and attractions that you haven’t had time to explore on your other visits?  No matter your status, there are a plethora of exciting things to do in Budapest from baths to unique shops to cafes where you can relax with your favourite brew of coffee.  Let’s take a look at some of the top attractions that you should put on your itinerary when you come to visit on holiday.


  1. Visit Castle Hill which is in the historic district and offers you some of the most fascinating architecture in the city.  You’ll see the Royal Palace, the Maria Magdalena Tower, Vienna Gate, and the National Archives building on your visit to this area.  You can taste wine, climb towers for spectacular views, or view lovely art galleries and exhibits.
  2. Have you considered a cruise on the Danube?  You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the river and have dinner and dancing as you view the skyline of Budapest.  There are a variety of cruises available to suit your personal preferences and tastes.
  3. Take in a performance at the Budapest Opera House.  This is one of the most prestigious musical houses in the world and will offer you a gorgeous setting for the opera that you see.  Tickets are affordable and will provide you with a world-class performance that you won’t soon forget.
  4. Enjoy one of Budapest’s famous baths.  Known as the “City of Baths” Budapest will offer you thermal water that furnishes healing qualities and an ambiance that is unsurpassed in the world.  You can rest your tired feet, unwind, and prepare for tomorrow’s adventures and excursions.
  5. Stoll down Andrassy Avenue toward Heroes’ Square to see the upscale shops and restaurants that are available to you.  You may want to stop in one of the many cafes for your favourite coffee and just people-watch in the evening.  This area houses some of the best shopping that you’ll find on your trip; if you see something that you want, you should buy it without hesitation or you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime.
  6. You should experience one of the tasty restaurants well-known for exceptional cuisine and outstanding beverages.  You’ll have a myriad of choices from gourmet to speciality locations that offer good food at affordable prices.  Be sure to ask your waiter for his recommendation of a classic Hungarian dish so you can experience traditional and local flavours in your dining experience.
  7. Take a unique guided tour so your Budapest sightseeing trip will provide you with local knowledge and inside information on the area.  This will help you learn your way around, show you where the most popular attractions and sites are located, and can help you narrow down your choices of what to see and do if your time is limited.  Always plan to go back and revisit an area in which you felt rushed or that you want to explore deeper.

Your trip to Budapest will be an exciting and fulfilling experience if you plan ahead, do some research, take a guided tour, and explore some on your own.  You want to get a feel for the people and culture of Budapest with the things that you see and do while you’re visiting.

Image courtesy of: adamr