Three money-saving tips for a family vacation

Even in these tough economic times, most families recognise the importance of getting away from it all and recharging the batteries on a much-needed vacation. Whether it’s the opposite end of the country, a continent on the other side of the world, or simply a few days spent not far from home, a vacation gives everyone a chance to have fun, experience new things and enjoy spending valuable time with the family.

family vacation
By planning ahead and making the most of money-saving opportunities, it’s possible to enjoy a perfect trip without breaking the bank. Here are three tops tips to help your spending money stretch further while having fun on vacation.

Plan everything in advance

In almost all cases, booking well in advance can allow you to make big savings. As well as travel and accommodation, activities and excursions can offer discounts for those who book early. If you plan on going to a theme park, buy the tickets online before you go. If you want to hire a car, search the web for car rentals discount codes. Finally, if you’re going somewhere sunny, buy sunscreen and bug-spray beforehand and take it with you; it’s much cheaper.


Stay in a home away from home

Staying in a nice hotel is something that everybody enjoys every so often, but if you’re holidaying on a budget, renting a house or an apartment is almost always the cheaper option. What’s more, a rental home keeps you in charge of the cooking and the laundry, allowing you to make extra savings on expensive hotel service charges.

Save on travel costs

When budgeting for a vacation, the biggest chunk of money is often taken up by getting you to your destination. If possible, savings can be made by travelling in off-peak periods and being flexible with flights. Flying in the middle of the week is cheaper than flying at the weekend, and flights with stops are cheaper than direct flights. Another option is to ditch the air travel altogether and go for a family road trip in the States and remind yourselves of the natural wonders of New Mexico or Colorado.

Planning everything before you go may seem like a chore, but it will pay off in the long-term. Armed with a few money saving tips, you’ll find you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your vacation to get away on a budget this year.