Summertime in Southeastern Cyprus: Memorable Holidays at Scenic Greco National Park

For something of a change on your Cyprus beach holiday be sure to take in Cape Greco National Park. This magnificent area is relatively untouched, after having been extensively cleared in the 1910s and 1920s of its dense natural covering of Juniper trees, the wood of which was used to power industrial mills.

Scenic Greco National Park

There are still some of the slow growing juniper to be found here, along with pines trees, but for the most part the park is covered with lower-level secondary growth, made up of shrubs and bushes. The park is home to fourteen species of flora that are endemic to the area, they are not found anywhere else. Apart from these unique plants there are also many rare plants and wild flowers, including some species of orchid.


The park is packed with over 80 species of small animal, ranging from hedgehogs and hares to foxes and lizards. Brightly coloured butterflies flit from plant to plant, adding an air of enchantment to the area, while a wide variety of birds can also be seen in and around the park grounds.


There are not very many buildings in the park but one that is well worth a visit is the chapel dedicated to Agioi Anargyroi, which is something of a draw for young couples, especially newly-weds, to be photographed near. The little white church is sited atop a small cliff, overlooking the sea with dramatic craggy rocks providing a natural frame for the picture.


There are many activities available in the Greco National Park, including hiking the 16-kilometre-long trails that wind their way through the landscape to all the points of interest, and cycling around on the 4 kilometres of bicycle track that will help you to cover the most ground in the most delightful manner. Scuba diving and snorkelling allow a glimpse of the fascinating undersea world, especially given the unique geology of this part of south Cyprus, which has been worked by the tide and the waves to create secret caves and twisted rock formations. Get a bird’s eye view of the park by taking a towed parachute ride and relax as you drink in the beauty of Cyprus from a truly unique perspective.


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Whether you are energetic and love to hike, swim and exercise, or you are more laid back and simply want to relax, maybe fish a little or simply sit and stare out to sea, the Cape Greco National Park is sure to provide excellent entertainment for you!