You might have visited other continents before or you may have just decided to take your children to a far of trip. Then an idea hits you, why not go to Malaysia, Thailand, or any other country in Asia this holiday season? Though, much of Asia has a number of issues plaguing the continents, each country has different systems and are very different from what the rest of the world expects. Obviously you are bound to debate on whether or not to take your kids to Asia, so let’s take a general look at the pros and cons of bringing your children to Asia before you book your flights.



Tourists want to travel on a budget and get the most out of their money spent. Even if you are looking for a place to stay in Malaysia or any other Asian country you will want to pay as little as possible, but still have the luxurious experience. Asia comes in as a good destination to bring your kids if the cost is anything to go by. Places like Malaysia and Thailand have really great shopping boutiques where you can find great products at incredibly cheap prices. Traveling across Asia is quite cheap as compared to other continents; at least you can save some money that you can spend for other gifts etc.

Cultural experience

Most likely your kids have grown all their lives in one continent if not one country. For a break it will be good to take them to Asia to get a different exposure and enjoy the culture of a totally different place, different people, different beliefs etc.


As much as one might have the general impression of Asia as being an in secure continent this is usually a wrong perception that most people have. Asia is a safe continent that has a lot to offer for the kids and the whole family in general, this will however depend on the country you decide to take the kids to.

Rich history

Most of Asia has rich history from the ancient lords and kings to the present .Kids will definitely have a chance to learn a lot from their trip In Asia.



This might seem quite unnecessary to be listed here but it is as important as any other point here .Large population will prove to be a nuisance especially if you are coming from the less populated European countries. For instance towns like Mumbai have very congested towns you can easily loose kids in a crowd.

High level of pollution

Most countries in Asia are second world countries and as is evident from all the economic status of most of the countries  Pollution is a big problem especially from factories .One might be tempted to ask why are the natives not affected by this  the answer is that they are affected  yes but with prolonged exposure to this conditions they have developed some level of immunity. Kids from other continents visiting might be affected.




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