Planning to travel to Africa? And you have been wondering whether you should travel with your kids. You may have heard about those beautiful places you could visit and the fun that you and your children could indulge in but have worries of the horrific things that might happen to them? To be honest, most of the stories are not interlay true. Many of those who have traveled to Africa keep going back for more. The secret is that the continent is beautifully endowed with magnificent scenery and wildlife.

You have heard Africa: its beautiful sceneries, from the rainforests, the savannahs, to the mountains. The audacious Safari Travels of the East, the wildlife still in their natural ecosystem and magnificent coastal beaches. It is a place that you will surely consider travelling to but should you take your children along?

Nature and wildlife

With Africa being a very large continent, the weather varies greatly from place to place. The weather in the rainforests of Central Africa is completely different from the Sahara Desert in the north. The African people are very friendly and your children will be accepted culturally and will have the chance to learn more from the African culture which is hugely different from the Western cultures.

You and your family will not have a problem of being isolated by the locals there and it is even likely you will receive a very welcome from them.

Applying for a Visa

There is a lot to see in Africa and you wouldn’t want your family to miss that. From the nature trails, wildlife in its natural setting, very welcoming people, white sandy beaches along the coast and a warm climate to top it all up. Visa application is quite simple and most of them are valid for up to 6 months.

Weather in Africa

Well there is so much to see in Africa, so much to enjoy but remember to prepare adequately. Sometimes the weather gets unbearably hot especially in the north of the continent. However, it is advisable to travel during these hot months. This is because hot season is perfect for visiting the wildlife, sightseeing and walks along the beaches. It is also at this time that the risk of contracting Malaria is at its lowest.

Health Issues

When considering traveling to Africa, health is an issue that must not be overlooked. Your family should get the necessary vaccinations against measles and poliomyelitis. Although you will find that you might never use any medications while you are there, it is better not to take any chances. Drinking water is also an issue as there is seldom any running water in most parts of Africa but the cities are OK.


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