Revealed; The Most Important Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Children

If you’ve never thought of travelling with you’re children before then stop whatever you’re doing and read this article.

We all live our lives in the moment. There’s no stop, there’s no rewind, only play. The time we have with our children is short and can ever be replaced. If your child is more than a year old you’ll know exactly what I mean. We want to make each moment that we share with them precious and important. Before I go on I want to share a really important memory of mine with you. Afterwards I’ll explain its significance.

My earliest memory is sitting on a dog in Sub Saharan Africa with a hat on my head and a mission. I was an explorer and there was a whole field out there to discover things in. I knew for sure I wasn’t going to come back for my lunch until I’d found something new and exciting.

Looking back on it now it seems silly. I was never going to find anything in that field. There was nothing there that was going to change the world, but I know that this event and the thousands that followed on the travels I shared with my parents shaped me. They are memories and experiences that 26 years later we can still share and laugh about. More importantly they are part of the glue that keeps our family together.

This is the crux of it. Travelling will be as great an experience for you as it will be for your children. Together you will create memories that you will share for a lifetime. It also opens the eyes of your child to different cultures, it gives them new experiences and lets them develop skills that will be hugely important in their development.

As their parents you are going to have the biggest impact on the development of your child. The experiences that you can share with them through travelling will help form them. Take them to a new country and they’ll learn the language quicker than you (they’ll also forget it quicker than you. I started off being trilingual and worked my way back to just one language before expanding again), but they’ll also learn to be independent and assertive.

If you have any worries you should leave them by the wayside. Sure travelling with a child, or even children is different to travelling alone or with your partner. You do need to plan ahead, be a bit more organised and you’ll constantly be on your toes, but for me that’s a price worth paying for a lifetime of memories.