Reasons to visit Mecca

Mecca holds great significance for Muslims everywhere for many cultural and historical reasons. Saudi Arabian Airlines can easily get you to Mecca and accessing this wonderful city should not be a problem; hence, you can sit back, relax and enjoy reading more about what makes Mecca such a special place.


The Hajj

This is an annual religious event where Muslims from all across the world travel to Mecca as a pilgrimage that must be fulfilled at least once in their life, if they possess the financial and physical ability to do so. The Hajj is one of the commitments of the five pillars of Islam and is a way of life and devotion to God (or Allah, as he is known in the Islamic faith). One of the most significant events of the Hajj is walking around the Ka’aba, known to Muslims as the house of God.



This is the famous cave that is noted in the Qaran where Muhammud received his first revelations from the archangel Gabriel. The cave lies about 3km away from Mecca and is a popular tourist attraction for tourists and Muslims alike. The cave is especially popular to be seen during the Hajj due to its significance to Islam, but does not form a specific part of the Hajj itself.


Masjid al-Haram

This is the largest mosque in the world and it surrounds the Ka’aba, making it the sight of the Hajj. The mosque covers over 350,000 square metres and is incredibly grand in terms of its built, with its large scale and typical Islamic architecture. The mosque is important as it forms the place that all Muslims face when they pray. It is also the direction to which the body of the deceased are placed to face in special Islamic cemeteries.


Mount Arafat

This is a granite hill that is located at the east of Mecca and reaches about 70 metres in height. The significance of the this hill is that it is the place where the prophet Muhammad gave the Farewell Sermon to those who had joined him for the Hajj at the end of his life. This is an important place for those that participate in the Hajj because it is a requirement to actually complete it. Muslims come here on the 9th day of the last month in the Islamic calendar and engage in prayer.