Norway: Your Next Family Vacation

Cliff Camping in Norway

Norway is a great place to visit with the family since it is filled with natural wonders, a fascinating culture and during the winter months it becomes a snowy paradise. It’s all about the outdoors so spend your time here breathing in that crisp Norwegian air and experiencing nature at its best.


Visit the Fjords


Hop on a boat or spend a day hiking one of the many Norwegian fjords. This is a perfect opportunity to convince your children that there is life beyond video games and Facebook (who would have known). The view from the boat is serene, but the view from the top is breath taking, so make the effort to get up there.


Visit the Lofoten Islands


These unique islands are actually within the Arctic circle so expect something a little bit different to those islands you may have been to before but they are picturesque none the less.


Swim with Killer Whales


Yes you read that correctly. Visit Norway at the right time and you’ll have the opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures. The temperature may be low but I’ll bet anything you’ll forget about it when you set eyes on the graceful creatures you’ll be sharing the ocean with. Just be aware that children have to be over the age of twelve (although this differs with each tour company) to participate, so it’s not as appropriate for those with young children.


See the Northern Lights


This may have been the original reason you wanted to see Norway, for the legendary northern lights, or aurora borealis as they are otherwise known. While a sighting is never guaranteed that shouldn’t stop you from trying as if you’re lucky enough it will be an experience you and your family never forget.


Take a Ride On the Flam Railway


The Flam railway trip has been described as the most scenic train trip in Norway and is one of the steepest. You’ll wind up through snow covered mountains, farms, and untamed wilderness to Mydral and it can be easily done as a day trip.