Discovering the Mythical King Arthur

If your kid is a fan of knights and swordplay, princesses and magic, there are only two places you should take into consideration for your next vacation. One is Disneyland, the other is Wales. That’s right, Wales. That is where the adventures of King Arthur and his Knights took place. The famous Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is still a favourite to many young boys, and throw in the occasional princess and your daughter is sure to like it just as well.

Getting to Wales is easy. Cheap UK flights for the whole family are easy to find and much more comfortable than getting there by car. In Wales, you can travel the paths like Arthur did to meet his wife Guinevere and find the magic sword Excalibur. He defended his Land against the Saxon invasion and brought his knights together at the round table, as equals. The Arthurian legends are the subject of much debate on whether the figure is based on an actual person, or if the whole story is made up. Fact is, all known records about Arthur as a person date way back to the 12th century, and are likely to be a collection of much older tales and myths. It is now believed that the legends were a way of teaching children values such as chivalry, bravery and equality. And those are definitely still values and ideals that should be taught to young children today.


The National Museum in Cardiff is also a good place to go with your children, since they have exhibitions about Welsh history and display a lot of fascinating remains from medieval times.  They even go back further in time with their exhibitions of dinosaur skeletons and mammoths. The museum is very interactive, free to enter, and will grant your children a fun experience while they learn some interesting facts about their own culture and past.


The National Roman Legion Museum might also be worth a visit and is just as interesting as the National Museum. Also, it is free to enter and displays a huge variety of ancient roman remains that date shortly after the supposed lifetime of King Arthur.


In addition, Wales is quite famous for its astounding nature and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, dotted with castles that date back to the Roman and Celtic times. A hiking trip can be just as educational as a visit to the aforementioned museums, while your kids gain a better understanding for nature.