Money Saving Tips For Family Travel

If you are thinking about planning a family vacation, then a budget travel option doesn’t sound like it would be much fun – doesn’t it?

travel saving tips

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s definitely possible for you and your family to have a fun filled holiday without going overboard or breaking the bank.

The key is in the planning.  If you have a lump sum of money, then you may want to consider putting that into an account of some sort. Something that will earn you a rate on interest over time. An Individual Savings Account could be the perfect option for you. You can do a quick search online where you can find the best Cash ISA available and make an informed decision.

Rather than getting an all inclusive family holiday, you should think about getting the flights separate from the accommodation. This cuts out the middleman in a lot of cases and therefore will save you some money. Nowadays, flights are cheaper than they were a few years ago, so put in some research time to find the cheapest air fares you can.

While away on vacation, you can really cut down on costs by only eating in local restaurants. They typically are a lot cheaper than the usual tourist haunts. Also, staying in cheaper accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be missing out on something a 4 star hotel might offer. In some cases it will, but by cutting away these kinds of unnecessary costs, you can really enjoy the holiday.

Use local transport to get around the city or resort. Taxis can be ridiculously expensive, and if you’re not aware of the right price you should be paying, then you can be scammed into paying a lot more than a local would. Buses and trains also give you a more cultural experience and can be way more fun than a taxi.

One big tip for saving money on family travel is to go to locations/countries that are cheaper than the one you live in. This makes a lot of sense. While it might cost more for the air fare, you will probably save money in the long run by having cheaper living costs when you get there.

Birmingham Midshires have some competitive rates for you to check out if you are thinking of setting up a travel type account of some sort.

The last thing you want is to have a family holiday that has a lot of corners cut off. This is no fun at the end of the day. If you research and plan your trip early enough, then you can have as good a time on half the budget.