Manchester: the capital of the north?

Though natives of Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds may have something to say about the matter, there’s little doubt in most people’s minds that the city of Manchester is the dominating force in the north. Apart from its shear size – it has an urban population of over 2.5 million – this accolade has been won thanks to the great attractions, fantastic culture and vibrant nightlife that the city has to offer.

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So, if you still haven’t visited this huge metropolis then here’s why you should head up north.


A brief history

The recorded history of Manchester begins way back in 79AD when the Roman fort of Mamucium was founded on the site. For the next few hundred years the city’s history was fairly quiet … right up until the advent of the industrial revolution that is!

It was during this time that factories suddenly sprung up across the city and the urban population exploded. This industrial past is still evident in much of the architecture of the city and in the unique culture of the people.

It is something that should definitely be explored on any city break.



Though many cities can lay claim a few famous faces as their children, Manchester can boast itself as the birthplace of much of the modern British music scene. From Oasis to The Stone Roses, New Order to The Smiths; Manchester has had more than its fair share of musical sons and daughters many of whom have gone on to make huge names for themselves around the world.



There are few sports teams as famous the world over as Manchester United and no Superbreak weekend in Manchester would be complete without a visit to the famous sports ground.

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, a match day at Old Trafford is like no other but if you can’t squeeze a game in then why not pay a visit to the museum and sign yourself up for a tour of the stadium instead? It’s an experience all in itself.



Manchester nightlife is famous throughout the country with its live music and club scene second to none. This gives visitors the perfect opportunity to combine a cultural weekend in one of the country’s best cities with great nights out that they’ll never forget.

With so much to see and do, Manchester can rival any other big city when it comes to attractions and even though it’s not the capital of England there’s certainly a strong argument to make it the capital of the north.