Luxury at HCC Lugano

Barcelona is a city with a wealth of accommodation options, there’s so many places to stay you are certain to find something that fits your budget. The location and the level of comfort is important for any holiday, that’s why when I take my weekend breaks in Barcelona I choose to stay in the HCC Lugano. HCC Hotels have 9 great places to stay in and around Barcelona, they’re all superb but I can’t recommend the Lugano enough.


The reason I love staying with HCC hotels is because they are so well kept, modern, well equipped and come at a great price! You can expect to find yourself in a very bright and modern room after you check in. All of the rooms have satellite tv, free wifi, air-con, minibar and a spacious bathroom.

When you wake up in the morning you can indulge in the generous breakfast buffet before heading out to explore for the day. If you’re looking to explore then the Lugano is in the perfect location for you.

Here are 3 close by places that are just a stone’s throw away from the hotel lobby.

Plaza Catalunya

This is seen as the center of the city. For most tourists it will also be the place where they catch local transport. Plaza Catalunya has much to offer, in it’s large square you will discover sculptures, fountains and also a very inviting green oasis to relax in. Head down there to enjoy live music and locals enjoying themselves.


Plaza Espanya

This is a lovely little plaza not far from the town centre, it is the home of the city’s old bull fighting arena, which is no longer used but is still a beautiful site. The main reason that people visit Plaza Espanya is the Museum of Catalan art – go there at night to see the lights illuminating the magic fountain.

Las Ramblas

This is usually the first landmark that tourists recognize. The boulevard runs straight through the heart of Barcelona, it is both vibrant and full of life, which makes it the perfect place to see Barcelona’s life in full swing.

If you want the perfect place to stay in the perfect location then you need to be booking the HCC Lugano as soon as possible. Have you stayed there before? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences and also any other places you discovered close by to the hotel.