The Las Fallas Festival In Valencia


In March every year there is a major festival in Spain, it’s know as Las Fallas de Valencia. From March 1 to March 19 the city has a great, funny atmosphere and it’s a time when the locals and tourists stroll the streets enjoying the big figures on show known as ninots. The festival and the fireworks is one of the best and most important festivals in Spain, you can’t miss it!


What Is It All About?

The festival, as mentioned above, takes place in March and the biggest day is on March 19 because it is St. Joseph’s Day who is the saint that protects the city. The 19th is the day when all of the ninots are burned with only one being spared. An interesting fact to note is that it takes a whole year to make the Ninots and each neighborhood of Valencia will create one for the festival.

What Is The History Behind Las Fallas?

Saint Joseph, the protector of Valencia, was once a carpenter and therefore the festival was born from the age-old tradition of carpenters in the city burning their work that they couldn’t use.

Tips For The Festival

Here are some brilliant things to note before you head to the festival.

– Try to head out early in the day to wander around the neighborhoods looking at the Ninots, later on there will huge numbers of people throughout the streets.

– Definitely don’t take a car with you. Public transport is the best way to go, a lot of the streets are closed and only open to pedestrians. The traffic is also crazy as thousands of people flock there. I travelled from Madrid to Valencia by train for Las Fallas and then used public transport; I was able to avoid the traffic on the roads and got around the city with ease.

Eat lots of Churros which you’ll see everywhere. A Churros is a fried dough pastry, it’s more of a snack food that you can eat on the go whilst you’re wondering around the streets during the festival. You can find them in many countries but no one makes them like they do in Spain!

– Either pack your own food to eat when you’re exploring or make reservations at restaurants, if you don’t have a reservation you might find yourself waiting a long time to be seated and fed.

– Please don’t show up to Valencia without having a hotel booking, there is pretty much no chance that you’ll get a room and definitely very little chance that you’ll get a good deal. Book a few months ahead to avoid any disappointment.

If you’re heading to the festival this year please do share your stories with all of us. Pop your experiences in the comment section below.