Kenyan Family Safari

A herd of Wildebeest kicks up dust as they thunder across the Great Rift Valley with a pack of ravenous lionesses in hot pursuit. A vulture circles slowly on the hot thermals, its beady eyes scanning the ground below for a sign of a recent kill. You expect the voice of David Attenborough to kick in. That is precisely how epic and awe inspiring a Kenyan safari can be.

There is a reason why Kenyan offers the most famous safari experience in the world. With elephants, rhino, leopards, lions and buffalo all in one place you are going to see some of the most incredible sites the animal kingdom has to offer.

In days gone by going on safari would probably mean roughing it. Of course this is still an option for those that want the raw experience, but if you want some great amenities then a Kenyan safari will not disappoint. Swimming pools in the wilderness, four-poster beds under canvas, everything is on offer if you can afford it.

If you’re thinking about going on a safari don’t worry, bringing the entire family won’t be any extra hassle. Tour operators prepare special safari packages that specifically cater for the needs of every member of the family. They have thought of everything so all you need to do is relax and enjoy.