How to take an affordable family holiday

When going on holiday with your family, there are few things that can make a substantial difference to your overall holiday experience. However, one decisive factor is always accommodation that you choose. More and more families are beginning to turn their back on traditional package holidays and hotels in favour of self-catering apartments.

For years my family and I had always opted to take a package holiday, but last year, with money tight, we chose to try something different. After reading a great review online, we decided to book a holiday apartment in Majorca through Wimdu. It turned out to be the best and cheapest holiday we had taken for years. We found several advantages offered by an holiday apartments as opposed to hotels. Some of these are as follows:

Cost – We saved a lot of money while staying in holiday apartments and the cost per person was far less than a hotel. When you are in a large group or a family this can be an important factor.  In most tourist destinations, there is a high demand for hotel rooms and this has increased their rates significantly. With a lot of research we found that we could get a great apartments for cheaper and can even afford to stay longer.

Flights– By booking everything separately we could make our trip last as long as we wanted, rather than the standard 7,10 or 14 nights. We found cheaper flights that kept us there for 12 nights. We used skyscanner , which compared all the major airlines and found us the cheapest deal.

Self-catering– The  apartment was equipped with a fully functional kitchen. By cooking our own food we found that we were afforded greater choice of both what we ate and when we ate. We also able to relax more, as our son has a severe nut allergy, now we could tailor our meals to avoid any accidents, something we could not do in hotels.

Privacy– Our apartment was in an excellent location. We were well away from the busy resort and felt in our own private paradise but we also found we had great access to the main beach.

Fully equipped– The holiday home was fully equipped with all the modern amenities. We had all the creature comforts that we would expect at home. We even had the internet, which proved handy in for to check the football scores and to find directions for our next adventure.

We were very happy that we chose to finally try a different holiday. We found that we could stay longer and with more freedom than on previous holidays. We saved a lot of money and next year hope to do something similar for 14 nights.