How to take a family friendly trip to Rome

Rome is one of Europe’s and the world’s great cities, but is unfortunately rarely thought of as a place to go with the whole family. That’s a real shame as there are actually plenty of things for children to do in the Italian capital and below you have all you need to know about a few of them.

Take an Open-Top Bus Tour 

Yes, taking an open-top bus makes you stand out as a tourist and is largely thought of as a little tacky. But … kids love it!


For most kids, getting their seat on the upper deck that towers above the locals is a lot of fun and gives them the best view in the city of Rome’s famous sites, while they’ll feel like kings and queens on their modern day Roman Chariot.


There are a couple of very good routes round Rome in the bus that let you see all the capital’s highlights without having to deal with the complaints of tired legs from the little ones. You can sit back and relax and see Rome with commentary from the real experts.

Check out a fun museum 

The Explora Children’s Museum – known as Il Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma to the locals – is a lot of fun for younger minds. With lots of interactive and hands-on activities, children will never be bored here as they explore, experiment and engage.


There is a soft play area for the younger children and a mini supermarket and environmental section for those a little older. Adults too can’t help but be impressed!


A Virtual Tour at the Colosseum

Of course you’re going to go and check out Rome’s iconic Colosseum while in the city. But if visiting as a family, consider combining your visit with the virtual tours at 3D Rewind that will take you back in time to Ancient Rome!


With lots of dressing up in togas, fascinating history and an exciting virtual world, this is the perfect way to start your visit to the Roman Colosseum.


And after seeing how the Colosseum looked in the past you can compare that with how it looks today when you then visit the real thing.


Inspire future Sports Stars

If your little ones are keen on sport then why not take them to the Olympic stadium?


The grand stage for the 1960 Olympic Games, this is a stadium with a lot of history. It has also hosted several European Cup football finals and the 1990 World Cup final. Add to that the fact that two of Italy’s biggest clubs, AS Roma and Lazio, play there every week and this is a must visit for any budding young Messi or Ronaldo.


They do not run stadium tours, but tickets to most matches are easy to come by – just be careful you don’t get ripped off and that you are not sitting in the Ultras section, as the Italian fans can get quite passionate at matches!



No surprises here for the last one!


Italians are known for their wonderful gelato. Children are known as the biggest fans of ice cream. So when these two come together expect some happy faces, a few minutes of silence and some messy faces!



Now you have all the information you need to plan your family trip to Rome so why not start preparing now? Flights are cheaper the further in advance you book and you can even save a lot of money by ditching a hotel for one of Oh-Rome’s self-catering apartments in Rome. Enjoy your Italian holiday!





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