Kids love to be on the go always and a holiday especially in unfamiliar territories can be a buzz kill to their much needed fun. If you have a school going child there is a possibility of  you hearing ‘I am bored ‘which is their favorite phrase while on holiday. To ensure that they are kept busy and productive consider the following tips:

Before leaving for the holiday, create a schedule that the whole family will adhere to while away from home. Busy does not necessarily mean fun so you can include activities that are productive.


You can help the children sign up with a local charity or a volunteer center where they can work a few hours each day. Remember they are on holiday so don’t be too harsh because they are also there to have fun. If it is possible to find a place that deals with stuff kids like, the better. For instance if they are into animals, you can consider an animal shelter.

Assign them chores

Give each kid a chore depending on their ages and ability to do it. If you are camping, for example, they can help to set up the tents and light up the fire or fetch wood. If you are staying in an apartment, they can make their own beds; help with the dishes, vacuuming and even laundry.

Keep up with academics in fun way

You can ask them to do activities they would normally do in school without making it feel like your homeschooling them. They can write short essays at the each day on the most fun thing they experienced on that day. If you can afford it, you can also give them cameras to take photos of the exciting things they see while on holiday and later they can make scrapbooks.

Play indoor games

Remember the kids are on holiday to let it not be all work and no play. It may be very hard, nowadays, to entertain your kids without technological gadgets but just think of times when you were young. You can play card games, tell stories and even classic hide and seek games.


This is what brought you where you are in the first place so make good use of it. Find out before you leave for the trip all about the attractions in the place you are going to. Ask the kids to chip in places they would like to visit. Create a program for each day and places you will visit each day. Fill the days with activities so by the time you turn in for the night, the kids are too tired to be bored.


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