How to spend a weekend in Paris

Whenever I think about Paris I think of a Henry James, “Paris is the greatest temple ever built to material joys and the lust of the eyes.”  A simple yet revealing quote, Paris was built to excite the senses, not just the eyes; the full throttle pace of life in Paris has to be seen to be believed. Another great way to burn a few additional days in France is to take up the option of all the amazing Day trips from Paris too.

Paris suffers from an embarrassment of riches, cafes, restaurants, world-class museums and don’t forget the shopping. Find cheap apartments in Paris. Renting your own apartment in Paris allows you to explore Paris from a unique angle.

eiffel tower

Your first day in Paris should be spent on foot, explore the city by pounding the sidewalks and getting underneath the skin of the city.

The Champ Elysees is the perfect starting point; the Arch de Triumph offers panoramic views of the city of love. The Champ Elysees is a thriving part of Paris, after visiting the Arch de Triumph, walk by the Louvre, past all the tourists lining up.

The Palace of Versailles is located outside of the city itself. Take the train and spend the day exploring the chateau, gardens and Marie Antoinette’s estate.  The Palace is stunning, so try not to rush your way through.

The Eiffel Tower is affectionately known as the Iron Lady (long before Maggie Thatcher was given the moniker). Standing 320m tall the tower offers sweeping views of the city, with three levels for visitors, the Eiffel Tower is a must visit attraction.


Many visitors to Paris come to the city for one thing and one thing only, shopping. No surprise really when you consider Paris is the world’s capital of design and fashion. With over 16,000 boutiques Paris is a shopper’s paradise.

After a day of shopping or visiting the numerous attractions, many tourists’ thoughts turn to food and here Paris can legitimately lay claim to title of culinary capital of the world. Food connoisseurs should make the time to eat at one of Paris’ top restaurants. While Parisian chefs may not be known for taking risks with their food, the world continues to view Paris as an inspiration.

Now a weekend in here may be beautiful, but you won’t be the first person to come and then struggle to leave, but fear not! It’s super easy find cheap apartments in Paris so don’t fall in love and disappear, stay as long as you need. Happy travels!