How to Find Childcare Services When on Holiday

Sometimes when you go on holiday you want to be able to get a bit of time with your partner away from the children. It’s only natural, after all the idea of a holiday is to get a bit of relaxation. To do this you need to know what childcare options are out there for your little ones when you go abroad.


Kids Club

For older children a kids club can be a great place to meet other kids and loose themselves in a range of activities. However, it’s important to find out what’s on offer before you let your children join in with the fun and games. Important things to consider are; what age groups are children divided into if at all; what language or languages do the organizers use and what countries do most of the other children come from (even if the main language isn’t English, it’s important for them to know what’s happening); what is the ratio of children to staff. For school age children it should be in the region of one staff member to 15 children.



A crèche should be a safe place to leave your little ones for a few hours or even a day. Before you drop of your child ask to have a look around the play area. Check the set up of the place. Ask if there is a place where your child can go to sleep and ensure that they get food provided for example. Remember, you won’t be able to relax away from your child unless you know they are being well cared for.


Privately Arranged Childcare

If you are at a hotel, they mat be able to recommend a childcare agency. Be aware that the qualifications and experience required to be a child carer varies greatly from country to country. Alternatively it might be possible to make more informal arrangements with hotel staff. Remember that your first impressions are one of the best guides you have to identifying a suitable carer.

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