How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

The first time it hits me is walking out of the front door of the plane. It’s that first heat wave that washes over me. That is when I know I’m on holiday. However long it is, a week, two weeks, you know that the time will be relaxing. Hassle free, or at least that is what it should be, but if something goes wrong and you’ve picked the wrong holiday insurance then you might be in for a major headache. So how do you know if you’ve picked the right cover? Here’s a simple guide, which should cover the basics.


Actually one of the most important pieces of insurance covers the possibility that you won’t be able to go on holiday. It may be because a friend has fallen sick or you have financial problems. Make sure you read the small print on this one. The recommended amount is £3,000.

Medical Cover

Ever thought you were worth a million dollar? Actually you might be surprised to find that if you’re sick you might be worth three times as much as that. The minimum cover you should be looking to get is £2,000,000. That will cover repatriation and a medevac if push comes to shove.

 Personal Liability

Even if you don’t intend to get into an accident it happens, and some of the time it will actually be your fault. In some countries people are more inclined to sue than in others so it is really important to get personal liability cover. This should be up to £1,000,000.