How owning a house can send you on your travels

For many home-owners it seems to be a common excuse: “We can’t possibly go travelling, we’d have to sell up.” However, that’s simply not the case – there are plenty of ways to go travelling without giving up your home – in fact, it could help you make your first steps into your new travelling lifestyle.

home swap

Renting out your home

There’s a great way of ensuring your home stays in tip-top condition throughout the year, and that’s by renting it out to another family. This ensures that the home is being lived in, maintained, and even paid for – you’ll probably find that the rental price pays for the mortgage, bills and even a little left over for some income while you’re abroad! There are two ways you can do this:


  • Bring in a tenant. This way, they’ll be responsible for paying bills, and as they’ll likely be there on a more long-term basis they’re likely to look after your home well. Tenants can also be tied into to contracts determined by you, and while this doesn’t make things concrete it means you are far more likely to find prospective renters who are happy to make a commitment – so you don’t have to worry about finding somebody else while you’re halfway around the world!
  • Turn your house into a holiday homeLetting a holiday cottage or home has some fantastic benefits; you’ll find that you can make a lot more money than renting, depending on where your home is based, and it’s ideal for short-term arrangements to ensure you still have an income while you’re away.


Staying in someone else’s home

We often hear stories about gap-year students backpacking from hostel to hostel and sleeping under the stars, but what about those of us who are used to the comforts of home? There’s no need to be apprehensive about accommodation; there are enough options out there to cater for all travellers, from luxury hotels to cosy B&Bs. However, for a true home away from home there’s nothing better than a holiday home, as these allow you the space and privacy to really enjoy your surroundings before heading back to peace and quiet every evening. If you prefer self-catering, this is the ideal option, and if you’re letting your house as a holiday home some companies will even allow you to “house-swap” with other holiday home owners, giving you options around the world!