Honeymooning in Hawaii: Top Activities for Newlyweds

Hawaii is one of the most romantic locations for a honeymoon. Amongst the six main islands of this tropical state, visitors can see a wide range of geographical features ranging from spectacular rain forests, soft sandy beaches, craggy canyons and even active volcanoes. The spectacular landscapes, tropical atmosphere and friendly locals make Hawaii one of the most relaxing places to start your married life. Plus you don’t have to break the bank. You can get great deals at on flights and hotels, head over here and see how much you could save.




The island of Maui, formed by two large ancient volcanoes, inspires honeymooners with its unusual topography. Mount Haleakala’s Summit reaches over 10,000 feet and overlooks its eponymous national park where the new couple can enjoy ambling rides on horseback through this beautiful locale.


If you wish to shop instead of roughing it, Paia is a wonderful small town to visit, and is filled with interesting shops full of souvenirs and island provisions. Several restaurants and attractive beaches also make Paia an offbeat but smart choice when visiting Maui.




Many people note that the island of Kauai, because of its pristine and remote landscapes, serves as one of the most romantic and attractive getaways on earth. Boat tours of the Nepali Coast allow newlyweds to stay close to each other in various formats: guide a kayak through water caves or swim with sharks during a rafting tour.


Waimea Canyon is another breathtaking feature of this sparsely populated island, and a day hike through its national park provides unparalleled vistas with plenty of photo opportunities. Resorts on this picturesque island often offer private beachfront cottages for a truly private stay.




Oahu is the most densely populated island in the archipelago of Hawaii andits capital, Honolulu, gives the social couple ample opportunity to mingle at poolside bars and along busy Waikiki Beach. Outside of the city, Diamond Head – a flattened cone formed by a volcano – offers a panoramic view at the end of its hiking trail along the edge of the large crater.


The trail is not easy, but those who reach the end will be met with incomparable vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Later in the evening, dine at one of Honolulu’s many fine restaurants and try some of the local Polynesian cuisine and expand your palate with traditional island foods.




If the newlyweds suffer from insatiable wanderlust, Intimate Island cruises travel between the different islands and offer new opportunities for adventure every day. Several cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages that allow an engaged couple to focus on planning their wedding instead of their honeymoon.




For those you wish to avoid other tourists, Molokai shows off the local side of Hawaii. For a truly immersive experience, visiting this smaller island the perfect way to see the real Hawaiian way of life. Stay at the quaint Aqua Hotel, and enjoy oceanfront views and an open-air Polynesian restaurant.


Environmentally conscious couples will appreciate the eco-tours offered to tourists. Enjoy private expeditions inland and explore untouched rain forests or head to the coast for snorkeling among the coral reefs with schools of colorful sea creatures.