Holidays In Switzerland

A Delightful Vacation cherishes the memory. Family, friends, a beautiful landscape and on top of that the Alps charm you every day. Switzerland is a place to love. Gorgeous bays lakes and creeks surrounded by snow-capped peaks and adorned by sunlight streaks this is where the soul speaks. A complete ride this is where the mind refreshes and the heart speaks up to its beauty.

Feeling the splendor experience and savoring the beauty of the Alps, holidaying in Switzerland is a treat. First you get to experience four different climate zones in one package. With the vast meadows of central Switzerland and the picturesque Jura highland; the Swiss Riviera in the West and the Mediterranean flair in the South; the thrilling alpine playground all around you and urban centers strewn in-between, Switzerland is a heaven for anyone longing for scenic beauty. Transport is not an issue as Switzerland delivers a combination of convenience and comfort through the Swiss railways and cable cars. The variety of things to do in Switzerland never ends and where ever you go the beauty awakens your soul. Every inch of Switzerland enhances its own beauty and leads to a trance.

60000kms of marked hiking trails is a heaven for walkers, trekkers and hikers. From the easiest hike to the toughest, Swiss land has it all and indeed provides a magnificent experience; from flower filled meadows to dramatic alpine landscapes, forests of larch, knotty pine or chestnut, you can observe the daily life of locals and pass through history filled villages. Adventure parks entail anyone of any age that fill in for ideal playgrounds and challenging activities. You may also want to challenge the wall throughout the mountains whether you are a professional or an amateur. Cycling tracks provide a treat for all experiencing the beauty of the Alps. The touch of Caribbean, crystal clear lakes Boating and swimming are again a catch. From sky diving to gliding to Fokker rides Switzerland gives you all. The natural paradises Geneva and Appenzell are on everyone’s list as a place to ponder and meditate. Skiing in this paradise of a land is a dream come true for anyone exploring the endless possibilities ranging from Lenzerheide to Arosa, Lenk to Malbun (in Liechtenstein), from Diavolezza to Saas Fee, Samnaun and many more resorts.

The breathtaking resorts in the snowy mountains enrich your mind along with the delicious treats including the renowned Swiss choclates. Switzerland is the ideal destination for a family holiday including natural parks, beautiful villages, gardens, adventure parks, hikes, sports, the friendly locals, four seasons, versatile terrains and hospitality at its peak does carve a happy memory deep inside your mind which charms you every day. Switzerland, a ‘heaven on earth’, is the best place to spend your vacation, as well as an experience that enriches your mind where peace is maintained. Indeed, this is a place where the soul speaks and heart speaks louder.

A haven for tourists, Switzerland makes life very convenient for tourists when it comes to exchanging currencies. The currency used in Switzerland is the ‘Franc’ of which you get 0.95 franc for each US Dollar. The most convenient place to exchange your foreign currency in Switzerland is at the main railway stations where they accept foreign currency notes as well as traveler’s checks. All major cities and towns in Switzerland have many banks with ATMs that accept foreign cards and dispense Swiss currency. Similarly, most hotels, shops and restaurants in the big towns and cities of Switzerland accept major international credit cards.