Hidden Travel Expenses; Know What To Expect

Budgeting for a trip might appear simple at first glance, especially if you have already covered the major costs like accommodation and plane tickets. You might be fooled into a false sense of security thinking that you’ve accounted for all of the other expenses of your journey, but there are a number of unexpected costs that you might not be expecting. Here’s a list of some of the most common ones that could become a major inconvenience if you’re not expecting it.


Airport Tax

Although airport tax is rarely that expensive (say $15 or more), coming at the end of a holiday you might well find that you haven’t budgeted for it. Rushing around the airport with your heavy bags trying to find an ATM because you’ve run out of local currency is both time consuming and frustrating. There is no uniformed system on how airport tax works. Even in countries with airport tax some airlines include the fair in the ticket, so be sure to check with your airline before you fly.

Hotel Accommodation

Booking fees, local taxes, television, room service and the mini bar. These are just some of the extra charges waiting for you at hotels. All together these costs can add up to 20% or so onto the price of your accommodation, so it can really add up. You will often find it is also the expensive hotels that charge the most for the extras. Internet can cost as much as $10 a night at an expensive hotel, whereas it is often included for free at a cheaper establishment.


Rental car services and hotels have you over the barrel when something is broken. A friend staying at the Ritz got charged $200 for a broken trouser press that wouldn’t have cost more than $50 in a shop. Apart from being careful there is nothing much you can do about this one, because accidents do happen. If they do want to charge you however try your best to haggle the price down if the cost seems overly high.


The rules for tipping are never clear. Each country has its different customs and people will be insulted if you don’t adhere to them, so try and find out what the customs are in each of the countries you will visit. Cruises are also quite bad with this and will normally add a 15% commission on top of your bill for tips, which are supposed to be shared between the staff. Something else to be careful of is the enticing bottle of water left on the table or little appetiser, which is not always free.

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